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Campus Crime Prevention and Resources Security Policy


West Virginia University shall apply reasonable measures to reduce the risk of crime on campus. The University Police Department shall serve as a support unit to the University community for the purpose of carrying out the law enforcement responsibilities on campus. This policy recognizes that the safety and security of the public and property on campus depends in large part upon the efforts of the faculty, staff, and students in the various diverse units who must be aware of safety and security policies and abide by them in their areas.


This policy applies to all University employees, students, and visitors, including those on the regional campuses.


It is the policy of West Virginia University that all crimes and other emergencies affecting the safety or security of students, employees, or visitors on campus shall be reported to the University Police Department in a timely manner.

In turn, the University Police Department will make timely warnings to the campus community on reported crimes, collect and report information on campus crime statistics and security policies, publish and distribute an annual report of campus security policies and crime statistics, and provide copies of the annual report upon request to the Secretary of Education or to any applicant for enrollment or employee. In emergency situations that have an imminent threat to campus, the University Police with distribute emergency messages.

Additionally, each Dean, Director, Chair, or major administrator, in cooperation with the individual building supervisor, shall develop a building emergency/security plan including applicable procedures for his/her responsible areas.

Each plan should analyze areas of responsibility and personal security, key control, access to the building facilities, emergency situations and any other issue that would compromise the personal safety of employees and/or security of the building and its resources. It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, students, administrators, and visitors to adhere to policies designed to protect the resources, both human resources and material assets, of the University.



Procedure development rests with Deans, Directors, Chairpersons, and Administrators within specific units, as well as the Chief of Police and Director of Emergency Management.


The responsibility for implementation of this policy rests with faculty, staff, students, and all individuals associated with the University. The University Police Department is available to answer questions or provide additional information regarding this policy at 293-2677.


The responsibility for the interpretation of this policy rests with the Chief of Police/Director of Emergency Management for West Virginia University.

EFFECTIVE DATE: September 10, 1998

UPDATED: June 1, 2016

APPROVED BY: Narvel G. Weese, Jr., Vice President 

Office of the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives