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WVU Modernization Program

The WVU Modernization Program will ensure that West Virginia University becomes the land-grant university of the future, engaging students, faculty and staff across the campus community in a multi-year initiative to transform the user experience and position the University for future success through optimized systems and practices.

About the Program

To make this vision a reality, we will engage stakeholders across the University and work together to align our systems and processes while adhering to an established set of overarching guiding principles.

Guiding Principles

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Unified Future

Unite the institution by looking towards the future; in the spirit of OneWVU, optimize business processes by considering what will best serve the institution broadly.


Blue-Sky Approach

The WVU Modernization Program will be uninhibited by past practices.

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People-Driven Design

Enhance the user experience by creating useful, integrated, intuitive and technology-enabled engagement to benefit the University as a whole.

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Simplification and Standardization

Increase standardization, eliminate unnecessary complexity and prioritize interconnection between systems and practices.

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Data-Empowered Decisions

Empower data-based decision-making while protecting individual privacy and institutional security.

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Built to Last

Create sustainable systems and processes that can withstand future challenges, adapt to changing needs, respond to innovation and provide enduring support for mission-critical functions.

Focus Areas

The program seeks to identify and implement integrated platforms and processes in these key areas:

Student Experience and Systems

  • Enhanced student systems and information sharing
  • Improved student engagement experience
  • Streamlined student onboarding experience
  • Student data alignment


  • Payroll module improvements
  • Enhanced budget model
  • Asset/inventory management

Talent and Culture

  • Role-based security
  • Title/job classification
  • Service level agreements
  • Employee Relations issue tracking
  • Performance management
  • Credentialing/training tracking
  • Applicant tracking

Research Administration

  • Pre- and post-award support
  • Service level agreements
  • Continuation of the Kuali cloud migration
  • Enhanced post-award reporting

Data Management

  • Enterprise-wide data management and governance model
  • Expansion of existing data warehouse and visualization capabilities

Additional Technology

  • Enhanced IT governance and funding model
  • Collaboration tool rationalization
  • Identity provider consolidation
  • Remote work and instruction technology
  • Third-party workflow engines
  • Document digitalization and document management

Program Timeline

Stay on track with what’s planned by referring to the high-level program timeline.

The timeline is subject to change. Project details will be shared as more information becomes available.


Foundational Projects


Student Experience Enhancement


Research Connect Program


Finance, Human Capital Management and Student Information Systems


Data Management and Governance


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