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Foundational Projects

To create a strategic foundation for future-state integrated services and technologies at the University, the WVU Modernization Program initially will focus on several foundational projects:

Governance Establishment

  • IT Governance Reboot – This project seeks to build greater alignment around strategic IT priorities, reduce unnecessary technical debt and enhance WVU’s technological infrastructure through the establishment of an enterprise-wide IT governance model.

Student Experience Enhancement

  • Student Experience Enhancement – This project seeks to map and redesign a personalized and consistent onboarding experience for students across all populations and campuses. Leveraging self-service and mobile, the project endeavors to design a transparent and guided process for students through recruitment, admissions, orientation and registration, matriculation and housing, rather than asking students to make their own way among the silos of the University.

Business Process Optimization

  • Budget Model Redesign – This project seeks to promote greater transparency and timeliness with WVU’s budgeting process. The project will focus on the design, development and implementation of a new budget model that defines cost and revenue allocation aligned with the University’s strategic objectives.
  • ERP RFP Creation and Evaluation – This project seeks to create an RFP document to identify the most appropriate ERP software solution that will meet WVU’s requirements.
  • Job Family Architecture – This project seeks to simplify and standardize how positions are categorized at the University by grouping similar staff positions into “job families.”

IT / Technical Projects

  • API Management Platform – This project will implement an Application Programming Interface (API) management platform to centralize control over API integrations while ensuring they continuously meet high performance and security standards.
    green check mark This project completed in May 2023. View project deliverables.
  • Application Development Platform – This project seeks to increase the speed and consistency by which business application needs are delivered across the institution. The project will implement and operationalize an application development platform to rapidly deploy new web and mobile applications and streamline the technology, architecture and engineering to be more efficient, agile and secure.
    green check mark This project completed in May 2023. View project deliverables.

Data Management and Governance

  • Data Management and Governance – This project seeks to enhance institution-wide data and analytics capabilities to support critical data-driven (academic and administrative) decision-making.


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